Every Business needs to take extra care of it’s customers.

Here are 5 key tips to keep your customers loyal by building trust and love. Implement these tips and share your success story with us. Should you have difficulties implementing them, just contact Nelvics Business Dialogues and we would gladly guide you. Now, let’s gets started. 

  1. Stay in touch.
    Too often businesses focus all their efforts on acquiring new customers instead of keeping existing customers. Don’t forget about your “sold” customers—stay in touch on a (somewhat) regular basis. Depending on the type of business, it may be as infrequent as once a year.

  2. Send a surprise “gift”
    When your customers are least expecting it. Everybody sends gifts around the holidays. Find other times to surprise your customers with an unexpected gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just a clever, thoughtful touch that gets noticed.

  3. Eliminate long hold times.
    Don’t waste your customers’ time. If you must make them wait, let them know for how long and give them the option of being called back.

  4. Send a thank-you note.
    When was the last time you sent or received a thank you note? Surprise and delight your customers by sending them an old-fashioned, handwritten note in an envelope with an address. The trick is you can include it in your sold packages.

  5. Real Fast” Response Times.
    Who doesn’t love fast service? As a business appreciate the speed and make it a priority. Take a leaf out of your customers’ books by finding ways to be freaky fast. Deliver fast, respond to their messages real quick among others.

Wishing your business success as you try these tips.


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Akua Sefakor

C.E.O of Nelvics Business Dialogues. Her mission is to help more people to become entrepreneurs and also help those who are already into business with marketing and business tips.
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