COVID-19, what your customers need

Most businesses are relaxed and stressed due to the crises. The economy has slowed down and business is not as before. Cash inflow is less and some even have to lay off workers.

But, would you like to lay your customers off too? I guess not. 

Its simple, you remember those who care for you during difficult times right? That is exactly what your customers need now.

The fact that business is not as it uses to, the fact that you do not see your customers as often as you use to see them some time pass should not make you relax or forget them. People forget those who stay out of their lives for long. So as a small business, don’t give your customers the opportunity to take you off their minds during this crisis.

You can’t make huge donations to support fighting the pandemic and you might not be able to put educative advertisements on TV and Radio but you can call your customers to check on them and encourage, educate and show support.

This is very simple but very effective. It helps you win the heart of your customers as well as stay in their minds.

So once in a while, check on your customers by making direct calls, send them caring and positive messages, put such messages on your business groups, your status, and your business social media platforms if you have any and keep offering help in any small way you can till this is all over.

Stay in the crisis with your customers and come out victorious with them and they will return the favor by staying loyal to your business always. 

Don’t forget, your workers are your customers too.

…Akua Sefakor
(Business Dialogues)

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