Emotional Fear and Entrepreneurship

As humans, we have a natural feeling of always wanting to do well and have 100% success with all our endeavours.

Mostly we make this a determining factor of success in our businesses thus

when business is doing well, we applaud ourselves and feel confident we are the best businessmen and women but;
when business is going down or we fail, we loose our self-confidence and feel we are losers.

Do not entangle your self with your performance. The two are never the same. Even the most successful businessman has failed countless times and has made so many wrong decisions.

Its sad when you feel like a loser when business is not doing well and feel like a winner when business is OK.
It just puts unnecessary pressure on you making you to take decisions that rather lead to the opposite of what we really wanted.

Often, we worried about our relationship with others. What will they say? What will they think? What will they do?

Do not let all the what’s pressure you. Be you, Do you and Go for what you want.
The fact that you got the courage to start is enough.

If you allow emotional fear, you won’t go far in business so forget that fear and let’s celebrate both wins and lost. 

…Akua Sefakor

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