Fear and Entrepreneurship

Just like these corona virus times where there is a lot of uncertainty, so if the business world.

When thinking of starting a business or even if you already started business, the fear of uncertainty is paramount.

It leads to questions such as … Will this thing work? What if I fail? Will I get money to move to the next level? What if I loose all my investments? Will I get customers? etc.

Nobody can predict the future and so thinking about it puts a lot of pressure on us. Having a wrong mindset won’t save you or your business.

We need to be bold in the face of uncertainty even though we can never be certain. Never say because you are not certain, you will not give it a try.

The fear of not knowing what will happen will prevent you from thinking rationally, put unnecessary stress on you and make you loose it. 

No successful entrepreneur gives that kind of fear an opportunity. Sure things will go wrong like maybe it is going today but the best remedy is to learn from mistakes or incidents and map up new strategies.

No one gets to the top without making mistakes or going through fears but being bold and moving forward is what will get you to your destination.

Another type of fear that prevents us from moving is emotional fear.

…Akua Sefakor

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