I love walking at night before bedtime of course. Taking the busy streets for safety purposes and especially if I ate late but more so when it becomes routine because it helps me stay in shape. It is very therapeutic for me because when I get anxiety, I hit the road and much of my thoughts are cleared.
Sometimes finding a boost, a push, can be daunting. Especially if you need to get back on the track you have been waiting for so long like writing out your itinerary for the week in your planner might clear a lot on your mind.  These might not always do the trick for you but seeing other people’s achievements works a great deal. We don’t need the big success stories, no.
Neither do we need the academic ones all the time for self-motivation. A thing as simple as a clean kitchen can give you a boost to want your kitchen to look so too. A clean desk with written out plans is also very uplifting. If you’re a book lover something as simple as a well-organized bookshelf is everything!
If you’re a hardcover book lover like me, something as simple as this is everything. You don’t need to have a big bookshelf but putting all your books together on your desk and sorting them out in colors or genres could be as soothing to the eye as a candy.

Your motivation isn’t so far from you as you think.
What are you a fan of and how do you find motivation from that?

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