• Ginger Onion
  • Powdered pepper
  • Fish powder
  • Shrimps powder
  • Kpakpo shito or ogengba (yellow pepper) to give it an excellent smell. It’s optional though.
  • Maggi and Salt
  • Oil
  • some spices of your choice

The onion should be enough


  1. Blend all wet items together and put them on the fire. Metal pot is perfect so it doesn’t burn quickly.
  2. Keep stirring when it starts boiling and don’t stop to avoid it from burning.
  3. Stir till the water is drained then you add your dry ingredients, Maggi and salt.
  4. Keep stirring till the black color is achieved.
  5. You can steam chicken or any meat (cut them into cubes), fry it very dry, and put it in you shito when it’s almost ready (it’s optional) but you will love it.

It’s a beautiful recipe well outlined. I love to use coconut oil and also add other spices such as cloves, cinnamon, basil leaves, Nketete, rosemary for excellent flavor. I sometimes use Opoku (fish) in addition to my dry powdered fish and shrimp. At times I prepare chicken or beef shito by frying dry my meat and pounding into powder and using without adding fish. Please always make sure your shito is very dry without water and has a lot of oil on top to preserve it.

Akua Sefakor (Business Dialogues)



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