Nelvics instant liquid soap with preservative.


  • Nitro sol or Antisol 50g
  • Caustic soda 40g
  • Soda ash 200g
  • Sodium laurel sulphate (SLS) 50g or Texapon 100g
  • Sodium Tripoli phosphate (STPP) 60g
  • Symphonic half a litter
  • Foaming booster half a litter
  • Perfume 30ml
  • Color 20g
  • Formalin 30ml
  • Water 10-15 litters

Preparation of Nelvics instant liquid soap

  1. Measure your 10-15 litters of water and put it aside.
  2. In your mixing bucket,  take some of your water and add. Now, pour your  Nitrosol into it bit by bit while stirring constantly to avoid lumps. As you keep stirring, it would become thick but stir with all your might.
  3. Take a small bowl and add a small part of your water and dissolve completely your caustic soda and then add to the main bucket in which you have your Nitrosol and keep stirring till its fully mixed.
  4. Dissolve soda ash in a small bowl with a part of the water and after its fully dissolved, add also to the main portion and stir so it also mixes well into your soap.
  5. Now dissolve your SLS also with a portion of your main water and when its well dissolved, you add to your main soap and stir to mix well into it.
  6. Next, dissolve STPP also same way and when its well dissolved, add to your main soap mixture and mix well all together very well.
  7. Add your sulphonic and your foaming booster which are both liquid and keep stirring.
  8. Now dissolve your color in a small part of water and add also to your mixture.
  9. Add now your perfume and if you wish, your preservative (formalin)
  10. Mix well and instantly your soap is ready for use.

Note that by the time you are done, you should use all your water. 

If your soap turns too thick, add some more water.

Now you are to dissolve all solid chemicals before adding so you avoid lumps and stirring well also helps you avoid lumps but should you still have lumps, remember the tips I shared the last time.
Please note that Sulphonic looks like honey and is totally different from Sulphuric acid which is plain. Sulphuric acid is dangerous and do not ever use in soap making
Also preservative is optional.
Between Nitrosol and Antisol, Nitrosol dissolves faster but Antisol does not.

Thank you.


Akua Sefakor

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