How to prepare Soya meat


  • Soya beans
  • Spices (ginger, rosemary, curry powder, cinnamon, nketekete, Garlic, onions, white pepper, and any other of your choice)
  • Spice flavors (chicken, beef, shrimp cubes etc)


  • Soak soya beans, wash and remove the skin.
  • Put the soya beans in a blender and add your spices and flavor of taste.
  • Blend all together to get a smooth paste. But make sure it is not too watery.
  • Get a clean tray covered with a neat baking paper, napkin etc.
  • Roll your paste into small shapes of your choice and arrange neatly on your covered tray.
  • Dry in a hygienic condition and environment for two days till very dry.
  • Put the dried soya beans rolls in an airtight container and keep in fridge.


  • Pour in oil, fry your soya meat as if you are frying meat, set aside and prepare the stew.
  • Then put into your stew just like you do for all your meat stews.


You can add

  • shrimp or chicken spices.
  • Basil leaves and cinnamon.
  • turmeric.
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