Light, Spongy and Crisp

Light, Spongy and Crisp. My newest sweetest discovery, and no I wasn’t talking about my soft throw pillow on my bed (as comfortable as it makes me feel during my movie nights)
This was what I thought when I discovered the French bread; baguette. I never thought I would ever describe a bread with all three words. I do love my English breakfast hence bread was always a constant staple. I mean I was seeing this thin, long (not even going to go into the length now) and readily available bread all over the place (Cotonou, Benin back in 2008 during my ¹year abroad program).  I was left with no choice but to go for it as it was readily available and as a foodie, I always loved trying new food.

The French baguette; thin and long
The first bite got me wowed. Light, soft and crisp. Made with basic ingredients. Not sweet but may be dry and spongy at the same time.
I mean the taste was quite different from the common bread one could find on the street back home in Ghana (sugar bread, butter bread, and brown whole-wheat bread). This was one of my newest discoveries and I loved it!
The fact was, I didn’t have to go too far to get it because the tabletop vendor right Infront of the hostel I lodged at was selling baguette as early as 6:30 am every morning.

A vendor selling baguette on the street of Cotonou, Benin.
Now see there’s nothing like a fresh baguette.  No wonder after 24hrs, the price drops. I walk to the vendor one morning and she tells me one price is higher than the other for the same bread; ²”Celui-ci est d’aujourd’hui et l’autre d’hier”.

It was so refreshing to have something that has honest pricing to it for all fairness. Because of its easy accessibility, I didn’t have to buy more than I could consume at a go.

Anyway, I am not a fan of big/heavy bread for breakfast I thought, thus it was everything I had been looking for in my whole short life (in a bread)  unless of course, it’s not fresh then it’s not as crisp and as soft as it would have been as a fresh baguette from the patisserie the day it was baked.

Take it with an omelet, with jam, with bolognese or my favorite; staffing it with a rich salad of heavy cream and with a bite after bite, letting nothing hold you back!

¹ for French-language students in the University of Ghana who had to go to a french country for further studies for one academic year.
²This one is fresh bread and that one was from yesterday.

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