Marketing may get you in the door, but it will not close the deal.

Good marketing in combination with quality merchandise and services and excellent customer service are what sell products.

An expensively decorated office at a high-end location, splashy brochures, business cards and websites may get you noticed, but you have to have something backing it up.

Marketing is wonderful but you can’t market unless you have something of value to sell. Customers keep coming back because they believe that they are getting a quality product and service at a competitive price.

So before you get out there to market, get your products and services correct,your customer service dope and your other factors correct.


Akua Sefakor your Business Coach. 

Contact for help on 0240735496 or to help improve your sales or develop your business plan.



Akua Sefakor

C.E.O of Nelvics Business Dialogues. Her mission is to help more people to become entrepreneurs and also help those who are already into business with marketing and business tips.
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