My Miracle

They say romantic men are difficult to find these days. Buy you flowers, open the door for you, take your hand in his while walking, pull chairs for you, where have they all gone to? That is the question.

Let’s go back to the first week of April 2016 when I visited Citadel of Truth International Church (CTIC) at Weija. It was ecstatic especially after meeting one of my mentors, Bishop Mike Nii Abossey, famous for his show on the radio Sunday mornings. After church, I was going home so refreshed and with a lot of questions answered. Upon reaching the Kwame Nkrumah Circle station, the day that had been fair then suddenly became cloudy.
Shoot! I didn’t pick an umbrella either. What am I gonna do if it rains? I prayed so hard. My car took off a few minutes after I joined and the rains started. A bit relieved because I said to God, ‘’please let the rains stop by the time I get to my junction’’. But your guess is as good as mine, no the rains did not stop! It was around 1 pm.
I ran to take shelter at the closest store near my bus stop. The shop owner was so kind. ‘Oh come closer, have a seat, feel at home’. I declined the extended welcome to continue my walk home after about 10minutes when the rains had still not stopped.
I was getting drenched by the minute and realized it was a bad decision I left the shop. I quickly hurried to take shelter at another shop that was closed. The owner had probably gone to church. A few seconds thereafter, I saw this local guy approaching with a big black umbrella. He smiles I smile back.
Mind you, on a normal day I would not even establish eye contact with a stranger because of their catcalling nature, etc. I knew a comment was going to follow soon‘’oh hi beautiful lady, the rain is beating you eh, you wait I will be right back’ were his exact words. He enters a compound house behind the closed shop I was taking the shelter from. A minute later he was out. ‘Come on pretty lady let me give you a ‘lift’ under my umbrella’. I did not know what to think of this. Did I hear a stranger right?

Wow. A lady does not refuse a good offer so hey. I joined with a smile. He hit a conversation right after, he was going to buy an avocado pear at the house I saw him enter but he says they were out of ripped ones. I’m thinking, probably to eat his Kenkey and fish.

The Ga people don’t joke with their Kenkey and fish with hot pepper how much more on this cold rainy afternoon? I had the best conversation ever. Aw my rescuer, my hero. Local guys have a way of being funny and blunt say 2minutes into our walk, the rains had started to dwindle.
He gently pulls away from under the umbrella. ‘’Oh don’t worry my lady; we boys don’t need umbrellas when it’s raining. How cute I thought. I knew that was just a white lie. We received comments from onlookers like ‘’Eei things we do for love’’ etc. I smiled the whole time. Before long, we were at my gate. Aw just when I was having the best time of my life. He says oh so this is where you are, I will come to visit you. I said my ‘thank yous’ and ‘God bless yous’. Yeah, the only things we exchanged were our names and no phone numbers. I do not recall his name now. Nope, he did not come by afterward.
Yes, I know kind people still exist and this was one. But also this was my miracle. Sometimes God answers our prayers but not in the form we are looking at. Yes, I prayed so hard the rain would not beat me, and no I did not have an umbrella but yes, an angel to my rescue it was.

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