Oh hey, Daniel!

The sun had set, the usual routine Workout time and a pensive face
Stealing your attention off the wheel
My luring silhouette walking briskly Slowing down to initiate your bend
A Lil distance Separating us
Driver and pedestrian I had to stop
Looking left, right, left I cross
You thought u saw an angel for sure
The night consumed all my faults
You wave, and you call “hey I’m Daniel ”
My mind is busy, the purpose at hand;
Workout time and no pleasantries.

You advance a little, a stop u came.
Crossing the road, I reached your car
In the heat of the moment,
My eyes on the road.
Out of nowhere ‘ceeee’ came the sound
But no! my mind repelled that call  From a man in the night

I had to be rude and not give a flinch

You didn’t want to get down and follow-through
So off you drove not looking back.
But sad I was that I had been rude
knowing now you were being friendly
My face dropped, I should have given a wave
But no! a few seconds too late!
Your face I sure won’t make out in the day.
Wherever you are, I’m sorry
But if this free verse poem ever finds you,

Just three words I have for you;

‘Oh hey, Daniel’!


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