• Millet
  • Ginger
  • Dry Pepper
  • Cloves
  • Black Pepper
  • Grains of Selim/Negro Pepper (Hwentia)
  • Sugar


  • Ferment your millet overnight.
  • Add your spices according to taste to your fermented washed millet and blend and sieve.
  • Allow the sieved kooko to rest after covering it in one cool conner over night to ferment.
  • Once that happens, you will notice the millet dough will rest at the base while the water will be on top.
  • Gently pour the water into a cooking pan and place on fire to boil. Once it boils, you will find some bubbles on top of the water, use your ladle to fetch and throw away.
  • Now gently fetch some of your millet dough that is if you are not using all into your mixing bowl and get your banku ta (Spatula).
  • Take off your boiled water and pour onto your millet dough while you stir hard to avoid lumps. Stir till smooth. If you find it too thick, add more water, if too light, add more dough.
  • After you have your smooth Koko, cover for a while and allow the heat to stay in there for about 10mins.


Akua Sefakor

(Business Dialogues)



Akua Sefakor

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