Did you say you sell on your WhatsApp Status? Oh cool! Great job! 

But there are some important questions I would like you to consider.

  1. How many people view your status?
  2. Are they all friends and family?
  3. Do they really make any impact on your sales?

Well I don’t know your answers to the above questions but all I need you to know is, sales without people is no sales.

Family and friends don’t really make a business.

If you are really determined to use your WhatsApp status for advertisements, then you need a lot of viewers. Yes real viewers who can become real customers.

Achieving this is possible but not that simple. It takes efforts and some sacrifices. 

We will discuss that in our next segment.


What efforts and sacrifices do you need? 

In this section, let’s first talk about how to get a lot of views on your WhatsApp status and what makes people interested in coming to view every single thing you put on your status.

Now consider these facts.

  1. People are interested in things that give them value.
  2. People hate selfish people who only push what is in their interest and not what might benefit them also. It sounds funny right?
  3. People hate to be sold to because they feel kind of being used. It’s the hard truth.
  4. People love to buy from trusted individuals but sadly this does not work on family and friends only a few because even the bible said it that, “a prophet is not respected in his own town”

Now with these facts in mind, you need to share information that will make your audience want to always come for more.

They should always feel the need to want to come view what you have posted. Educate them, give them value and don’t always sell to them. Before you sell to them, let them see the value of what is being sold.

Saying the same thing always is annoying so change your subject often and sell the same thing in different ways using good pictures, videos and info.

Make it a win, win for the both of you and add interesting stuff such as comic once in a while, updates at other times, educative info etc.

Now one very important thing to note is to avoid mixing your personal issues with your business issues. Avoid sharing your emotions on your business status. Quarrelling with your spouse issues, bad mode issues etc are no longer welcomed. Your customers are not interested in such. It just devalues your business and your personality.

Now try and get as much people as possible to save your contact and you also save theirs so you can get a lot of your customers viewing your status.

We shall discuss how you can get people save your contact in our next discussion.


How to get people save your contact. 

How would it feel if you could get 400 and over views on every single thing you put on your status? Really cool right! but, it needs some strategies and efforts.

  1. You should let every customer of yours save your phone number and you save theirs. When people save your number, they automatically see your status so don’t go explaining that they should be watching your space, it will happen eventually especially when they see what interest them always.
  2. Any lead you create (Potential customer), let them save your contact too. This should not be difficult. Just find a way of being good with contact exchange.
  3. Find innovative ways of creating leads such as putting contact on all your adverts and social media handles and encourage people to call for enquiries or WhatsApp you. This will automatically make them save contact.

Another way is to organise free WhatsApp educations about your product and ask all involved to save your contact for more. Or like network marketers, anytime you do presentations, get people to save your contact.

Should you organise any event, find a strategic way of making people save your contact.

If you are a school owner, make sure all parents have the school number saved.

You can as well create a motivation for others to encourage their friends and family to save your number.

The idea is simply to turn your status into your shop or office conference room where you display what is available. So

  1. Make sure your space is always filled with beautiful and interesting things just like you do for a physical shop or office.
  2. They should be well arranged and straight to the point.
  3. Keep it simple and short. People don’t have time.

Well hope this section was educative? See you in our next discussion.



Akua Sefakor

C.E.O of Nelvics Business Dialogues. Her mission is to help more people to become entrepreneurs and also help those who are already into business with marketing and business tips.
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