Suddenly @60 Part I

I looked at myself in the beautiful antique dressing mirror I bought at a very expensive price from China; it was one of my many collections from my trips abroad. I leaned forward a bit and straightened my necktie into its perfect position and smiled at the handsome features that starred right back at me. My face dropped when I noticed the strands of grey hair at my left temple. I pride myself on not having grey hair at my age so I was not happy seeing those strands of grey hair in my neatly shaped hair.

I straightened up myself, tagged at my tie one more time and left the room with my office files under my arm. I bumped into the pleasant looking average size woman who has been my wife for 32 years now. She looked at me with surprise and knitted her eyebrows at me and asked me where I was going that morning in twi: “Ahh na Fii, anopayi wuko hin?”

My name is Michael Fiifi Brown but my wife calls me ‘Fii’. I shook my head in dismay at her question and walked passed her without an answer. It was really difficult living with a woman in her menopause. I wondered why she would ask me such a question on a Monday morning when I was charmingly dressed in my blue-black suit, white shirt, and a royal blue flying tie.

My daughter was sitting at her study desk with her laptop in front of her. She is the last of four children, three girls, and a boy. The first two girls are married and she and her brother are at the University. “Good Morning Daddy.” She greeted. “How are you doing?” I responded. She muttered something under her breath in answering. I never understood that girl; she could spend hours on her phone and laptop. I walked to the living room to pick up my car key.

I bent over the center table for the car keys and almost toppled over at the sound of the husky voice of my teenage son “Dad, where are you going this morning all dressed up?” I got up, turned to him and said “Have you forgotten what day it is today? You and your mother seem to have woken up from the wrong side of the bed today, asking me such silly questions. I am on my way to the office.” I retorted and started to walk out of the door when his second question stopped me in my tracks. “Why? Have you been given a special assignment or something? You are supposed to be on a pension.” He said shaking his head.

A sudden fear gripped my heart when the reality of what he said sunk in. Of course! How could I have forgotten? Today starts my pension. I dropped my car key and file on the center table and slowly sat down on the sofa. My thoughts raced so fast with so much confusion. Pension? What on earth was I going to do on pension? I have spent the greater part of my life working as a Financial Analyst with a Financial Institution. I started work with a Micro Finance Company as a National Service Person and then got employed in one of the banks in the country where I rose the rank to the Head of the Finance Department. I enjoyed every moment of my work life and devoted my time, energy and emotions to it to the detriment of other aspects of my life.

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Esther Obeng Darko is a Professional Counselor at The Whispers of Hope, an organization that is established to help individuals find appropriate solutions to their personal/social or educational problems.


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