Starting a business is not as huge as you might be thinking. Yes, there is a business in everything. The smallest little thing, so far as it satisfies people’s needs. The problem is, we mostly want to start big! But the truth is 80% of successful businesses started small.

In fact, some started as fun. Do not take for granted small coins oo. Small coins turn into huge sums of cash.

Steps to establishing your business

  1. Spot a need and have the passion to satisfy that need.
  2. Perfect your solution and add value to it.
  3. Give a taste of it to people to experience for free ( not family and friends )
  4. Take comments and make corrections to improve.
  5. Make the necessary registrations and start distribution and sale.
  6. Get good guidelines to guide your business and a good mentor to support you. ( don’t wait till its too late)
  7. Keep growing within your own pace but keep learning and improving.

Always remember that people are making millions from the things you take for granted so get serious!

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Akua Sefakor (Business Dialogues)



Akua Sefakor

C.E.O of Nelvics Business Dialogues. Her mission is to help more people to become entrepreneurs and also help those who are already into business with marketing and business tips.
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