Beetroot Powder has been gaining popularity in the last years for a number of reasons.

Many people use it as a supplement to help lower blood pressure or to boost energy and help detox.
Others use it to naturally sweeten while receiving the benefits of its added nutrients. In the natural communities, though, it has become popular due to its beautiful color.

Not only can you use it as a natural food coloring but you can also grind it into a really fine powder that can be used in homemade natural cosmetics.

To turn beetroot into powder, wash and cut it into tiny pieces.

Dry it with a dehydrator or an oven or with the sun. But should you use the sun option, make sure you cover with a net to keep insects away.

When using the oven, heat your oven and then put in your beetroots. Now keep flame very very low or off completely. And be patient with it till its completely dried.

After you get your beetroots well dried, mill with your blender that mills nuts and hard stuff or pound in a dry clean mortar.

Sieve well till you get a very smooth powder like the texture of talcum powder.

Please your powder is ready. Keep in a very airtight container away from sunlight.

When exposed to air, your beetroot powder will turn from its Beautiful pink color to brown.

You are advised to do it in a smaller quantity and preserve it in smaller quantities as well.


…Akua Sefakor

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